Our appetizers cater to both the doing and timid. Enjoy classics like Gyoza, Edamame and Tempur, or something excitinglike Mussle-Shooters or Hamachi Kama!

Happy Hour Appetizers

You can order them from open to close.

Happy Hour Appetizers
CHIKEN YAKITORI (Skewered Chicken) $3.00
GYOZA (Pot Sticker) $3.00
AGEDASHI TOFU (deep-fried tofu with tempura sauce ) $3.00

Download Happy Hour Everyday Menu ( PDF File )

Appetizer Yakitori

Appetizer Gyoza

Appetizer Shrimp Tempura

Appetizer Edamame

Happy Hour Specialties Appetizer

You can order them from open to close.

Happy Hour Specialties Appetizers
*1. Sashimi Combination :
2 pieces tuna, 2 pieces salmon, 3 pieces white fish
2. Seaweed Salad :
Hiyashi wakame mixed with veggies
3. Tonkatsu :
Japanese style pork cutlet with fresh sliced cabbage
4. Takoyaki :
Grilled wheat cakes with octopus inside
5. Fire Stick :
Shrimp tempura with baked spicy mayo
6. Hamachi Kama Touban Yaki :
Yellowtail jaw baked w/ masago & veggies
7. Shizen “Nature” :
2 fried rice patty with spicy tuna avocado on top

Sashimi Combination

Seaweed Salad


Appetizer Takoyaki

Download Happy Hour Specialties Menu ( PDF File )