Our Bowl & Noodle entrees are easy to eat and comparatively cheaper then other entree options, while still completely satisfying perfect for students!



Chicken Teriyaki Don

Unagi Don

Bowl (seved with soup for #1, 2 ,3 and 4)
1. Chicken Teriyaki Don : Grilled chicken teriyaki on a bed of rice $7.95
2. Unagi Don : Fresh water eel on a bed of rice $14.95

Udon Noodle

Udon is a tradtional Japanese noodel soup with a dried fish-based stock and thick, chewy noodles idear for slurping!

Nabeyaki Udon

Tempura Udon

Udon Noodle
1. Udon : Japanese noodles in a soup $7.75
2. Tempura Udon : Udon & tempura $10.75
3. Nabeyaki Udon : Udon with chicken, egg, crab, veggies, mushroom ) $12.25


Forget everything you know about instant Ramen noodles. Mt.Fuji is here to bring you the Ramen of your dreams; deleted noodles in a homemade in toppings and slow roasted pork. This is at the real deal, right out of one of Japan’s beloved Ramen stands, so bih and so scrumptious you just might have to shane! For a milder soup, miso is your best bet, and Syo-yu is the salty savory soup for the true Ramen-lover.


1. Sho-yu Ramen : Soysauce based soup, veggies, egg, sliced pork $8.50
2. Miso Ramen : Miso based soup, veggies, corn, sliced pork with butter on top $8.75
3. Cha-shu Sho-yu or Miso : Double sliced pork with sho-yu or miso ramen $12.00

Download Bowl , Noodle & Ramen Menu ( PDF File )