We want kids to enjoy the exciting and delicious world of Japanese Cuisine without compromising what kids want. Simple, savory favorites like chicken teriyaki or a Bento Box (including meatball/pineapple skewers, gyoza, cucumber sushi roll and orange slices), and for even the most inexorable infant we have chicken nuggets and corn dogs! Don’t worry, we won’t tell if you snitch a few gyoza or crinkle-cut fries for yourself.


Nuggets & Fries

Kids Menu
Chicken Teriyaki bowl $3.95
Chicken Teriyaki with Rice $3.95
Nuggets & Fries $3.95
Corndog & Fries $3.95
Kids Drink $1.25
Kids Ice Crean $1.25
Bento BOX $4.95

Download Kids Menu ( PDF File )