Enjoy traditional Japanese desserts not to be found anywhere else! Our fabulous Green Tea Creme Brulee is a bittersweet marriage of East and West, filled with richness and subtlety. Cream Anmitsu is a very healthy Japanese treat–light and sweet with fruits and bits of unique Japanese jelly, which we top with ice-cream and red-bean paste. On the other end of the spectrum, we have Fried Ice-cream: creamy, still frozen ice-cream wrapped in a warm, crispy tempura shell drizzled with chocolate. A decadence which must be eaten to be believed! We also carry a veritable rainbow of ice-cream flavors available by the scoop, and even Mochi Ice-cream!


Ice Cream ( Green Tea , Vanilla , Chocolate , etc ) One Scoop $1.75
Ice Cream ( Green Tea , Vanilla , Chocolate , etc ) Two Scoops $2.75
Fried Ice Cream ( W/Chocolate syrup ) $4.75
Cream Anmitsu ( Japanese jello , fruit mix w/Ice cream , sweet redbean paste ) $5.50

Soft Drinks

Soft Drinks
Coke , Diet Coke , Dr.Pepper , Sprite , Root Beer , Lemonade , Iced Tea $2.25
Green Tea , Jasmin Tea $1.75
Green Tea Cappuccino $3.50(Hot)/$2.50(Cold)
Calpico (No Refill) Calpico is a Japanese uncarbonated soft drink. Light, somewhat milky, and slightly acidic in flavor.


Ramune (No Refill)



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