A standard sushi roll allows you to enjoy the fish, rice, and seaweed all wrapped up in a perfect bite-sized package to savor all at once. It’s the simple, customary sushi medium and truly delightful. But have you ever tried a hand roll? Folded like a cone crepe and eaten with hands,Temaki Sushi allows you to experience each component of a beautiful sushi composition one by one before bringing all of the ingredients together to serenade your taste-buds. Simply request your standard roll one way or the other to experience your sushi-song the way you like it.

Standard Rolls
California Roll ( imitation crab, avocado ) $3.95
*Spicy Scallop Roll $6.35
*Spicy Tuna Roll $5.60
Futomaki( jumbo roll with cucumber, crab stick, gobo, smelt egg, egg omlette, oshinko ) $5.60

Download Sushi Rolls Menu ( PDF File )