For many, no meal is complete without the perfect complementary drink, and what better way to top off your authentic Japanese meal than with an authentic Japanese beverage? We have traditional hot sake, just as you’d find across the Pacific, and also a few American twists of our own! A Purple Haze or Samurai Sake cocktail is the perfect way to ease yourself into the very distinctive taste of great sake.
As well as carrying some of your favorite American brands like Budweiser you can’t do without, Mt. Fuji has several imported Japanese Beers for you to try! Kirin Ichiban is the number one selling beer in Japan for many years, and for good reason while Sapporo is the oldest Japanese Brewery and has loyal drinkers all over the world. Then there’s Asahi, who have taken the German tradition of Beer and made it something truly Japanese–a new sensation not to be missed by a true connoisseur!

Wine List < WHITE WINE >
Fetzer White Zinfandel , California $4.00 $18.00
Fish Eye Chardonnay, California $4.00 N/A
Concannon Chardonnay, California $5.00 $20.00
Firestone Riesling, California $5.00 $20.00
Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand $6.00 $22.00
Folonari Pinot Grigio, Italy $6.00 $22.00
Wine List < RED WINE >
Concannon Merlot, California $6.00 $22.00
3 Blind Moose Cabernet Sauvignon, California $6.00 $22.00
Alice White Shiraz, Australia $5.00 $20.00
Gekkeikan Kobai Plum Wine $5.00 $20.00
Sake Cocktail
Purple Haze ( Hot/Cold )
( Japanese Sake with Plum Wine ) 8oz
Samurai Sake ( Hot/Cold )
(Japanese Sake with lime and lemon juice) 8oz


Sake ( Japanese rice wine )
Hot Sake ( Sho Chiku Bai ) 5oz $5.25
Hot Sake 8oz $8.00
Cold Sake ( GEKKEIKAN ) 5oz $6.50
Cold Sake 8oz $8.75
Nigori Sake ( MOMOKAWA / unfilter white sake ) 8oz $10.00


Kirin Light 12oz $3.95
Kirin Ichiban 21.4oz $7.95
Bud Wiser 12oz $3.25
Bud Light 12oz $3.25
Bud Lime 12oz$3.25 $3.25
Sapporo Premium 12oz $4.75
Sapporo Premium 22oz $7.75
Asahi Super Dry 22oz $8.25
O’Doul’s (non alcoholic beer) 12oz $3.00

Download Wine, sake & Beer Menu ( PDF File )